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Selection Process

In our endeavor to final perfect candidates and officer candidates a good career opportunity based on past achievements and demonstrated potential we haw a rigorous selection process which can be adapted to selection at various levels. Points mentioned below are general in nature and normally customized for every position. In-depth understanding of the client’s business, culture and objectives is taken beforehand, the JAL and interpersonal characteristics required in a position are defined and identified and accordingly a comprehensive position specification and job description are prepared.


Following the authorization from our clients, we publish openings for a particular profession, with the complete job description in the leading newspapers and other popular medics.


The applications we receive, undergo initial screening by our recruitment consultants.


The shortlisted candidates are called for an interview. They are interviewed by our selection panel and the representatives of our clients. They subject the candidates to a trade test to check the authenticity of the trade of the candidates.


The candidates that are selected are sent for a medical check-up in a medical center, which is authorized by the country where the candidates will be placed.


The individual files will be maintained for deselected candidates which will contain the following documents.

  • Original Passport
  • Employment agreement
  • Ten Photographs Copy of Medical Test Report
  • Trade test report of application
  • Educational Certificate & CVs
  • After going through the rigorous selection procedure, the selected candidates will be trained and assisted in the following ways:

Training : Every recruited candidate will undergo training as per the job description is given by the client. Dubai Overseas International Pvt. Ltd. has its own motivational and skill development training center for person enlist with us. The orientation and practical operating help them to work with safety and efficiently Departure Formalities

Passport: We help in updating the passport of the recruited candidates.
Visa: with the cooperation of the employer we arrange the stamping of the visa on the passport of the recruited candidates.

Immigration Clearance: We also help the recruited candidates to obtain the immigration clearance from the Department of Labour and we also assist the candidates to be familiar with the necessary formalities to be performed while going abroad like Embarkation form, Departure Form, Security clearance, etc.